The Government of Punjab approves timeline for housing societies.

RAWALPINDI: The Punjab government has approved a timeline for private housing developments and condonation fees and conversion charges in light of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s directions to facilitate the construction sector.

According to a notification issued on Tuesday, applications for the approval of private housing societies will be processed in six days. No-objection certification (NOC) applications will be submitted to the deputy commissioner.

In a day, the additional deputy commissioner revenue (ADCR) will mark the relevant assistant commissioner, who will report in three days.

There will be one day for the application for land use conversions to be submitted to the deputy commissioner, the ADCR will be marked and will then mark the relevant assistant commissioner in one day.

The deputy commissioner will meet the District Price Assessment Committee in three days to determine the price, after which – as the district collector – the deputy commissioner will send the file to the commissioner for approval.

The commissioner will make a decision in three days to issue a notice for the submission of fees and the NOC will be issued the next day.

The deputy commissioner in charge of ensuring the timeline determined for the processing of cases is adhered to and will coordinate with Khidmat Centres set up at Divisional Headquarters to facilitate the construction centre.