Commercial Plots

Generally, commercial plots are driven by characters with a well-defined story goal. There is lots of action and the author deals with the interior and exterior worlds of the characters. There are physical and emotional setbacks. The endings generally suit the genre of the story. A commercial plots are real estate intended for use by for-profit businesses, such as office complexes, shopping malls, service stations, and restaurants. It may be purchased outright by a developer for future projects or leased through a real estate broker. This type of property falls somewhere between residential and industrial property. Practically every incomer must grant permission to build a new office complex or other profit-making business, the city government must determine that the chosen area is indeed commercial plots area. The zones which separate commercial, industrial, commercial plots can be any plot or subdivided area of land used for commercial purposes. Commercial means the land is used for businesses, manufacturing plants, warehouses, parking lots and even profit-generating residences. Apartment complexes are considered commercial land as it is land used to make money.