Open Land

Sale and Purchase of Open Land in different cities of Pakistan. Like Lahore Karachi Islamabad. Open Land is for sale in Pakistan. Open land means is a land without tree cover land which is exposed. Land without cover except for grass, brush and sparse or immature trees lands or topography. Which do not reason conceal structures, improvements personal property? A land reserve called open space preserve, open space reservation. Green space is an area of protected conserved land water on which development is indefinite. The purpose of an open land reserve may include the preservation or conservation of a community. Region's rural natural or historic character; the conservation or preservation of land. Water area for the sake of recreational environments' agriculture interests. The management of community growth in terms of development industry natural resources. Open space reserves may be urban, suburban, or rural. They may be actual designated areas of land or water. They may be zoning districts or overlays where development is in limits. Controlled to create undeveloped areas of land in the community or region. They may be the public owner or owned by non-profit or private interests.