CDA takes action against illegal housing societies in Islamabad.

ISLAMABAD: CDA takes action against illegal housing societies in Islamabad. The Capital Development Authority (CDA) finalized to strictly ask the owners of the housing societies, and schemes to implement CDA and ICT Zoning Regulations.

As per details, according to the ICT Zoning Regulation of 1992, Islamabad was partitioned into 5 zones. Under zoning laws, an official of CDA said that the development and planning for housing schemes can be done in the E-11 sector of Zone 1.

Likewise, the work can also be implemented in Zone 2 and 5. In 2010, the CDA amended the zoning regulation and permitted the Housing scheme and Agro Farm scheme in Zone 4. Zone 4 was further partitioned into 4 sub-zones.

The development and planning of private schemes are made under SR064 (I) 2020, and two directorates of CDA regulated them.

The department of Housing carried out the development and planning of the housing Zone 2 and 5 and the Regional Planning Directorate regulated the development and the planning of Zone 4.

Also, the authority was getting suggestions regarding taking action against illegal housing schemes. CDA has taken actions against some newly revolving housings schemes but old ones are still left to tackle and it is not an easy task.