Balochistan CM vows to develop all districts in the province.

Quetta: Chief Minister (CM) of Balochistan Jam Kamal Khan Alyani has promised to equally develop all the districts of the province, stating that each district was essential for the province’s future progress — according to a news source.

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The provincial government released a policy statement in which the CM stated that the fixity of all development schemes is being carried out on high priority, in order to uplift Balochistan in the best way possible. He also reiterated his resolve to strive towards the economic and social development of the province, despite any external or internal issues that arise along the way.

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The CM also revealed that the development of Balochistan had been going on for a while now, but has been especially visible over the last 16 months. He added that all secretaries, commissioners, deputy commissioners, and police superintendents have been carrying out their work in a smooth and unobstructed manner.