LDA Starts Measures to Initiate Construction of 5 Million Houses.


The Punjab government under the leadership of Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Bazdar has been working hard for raising the living standards of the citizens and bring true revolution to the country under the support and sponsorship of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

After assuming its tasks, the government has taken revolutionary as well as historic steps to ensure development in all areas of Punjab. Unlike the past, this government has not been confined its focus to certain districts or areas but has ensured equal use of development resources, and special attention is paid to providing good living standards and facilitating all districts, towns, and cities.

5 million houses program has been initiated by Prime Minister Imran Khan in the country for the better living standards of citizens. Also, special incentives for the construction industry have also been announced.

LDA (Lahore Development Authority) has taken practical steps to make Prime Minister Imran Khan`s dream come true regarding the building of 5 million new houses. The plan is to build 35,024 apartments on the specified land within three years of period.

The site is near Ring Road and also in proximity to Defense Road and Ferozpur Road. PC-1 has been approved for the construction of water supply, roads, sewerage, underground power transmission, and other infrastructure at Rs 20 billion costs.

Its been planned to build 4,000 apartments on 563 Kanal of land, and these will be built for individuals belonging to the middle class. Each apartment with 2 bedrooms has an area of 650 sq ft, also they will be built in four-story blocks. 125 total blocks will be constructed and each block will be composed of 32 apartments.