KMC postpones anti-encroachment drive against illegal bungalows in Hill Park.

Karachi: The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) has postponed an anti-encroachment operation on orders from Commissioner Karachi Iftikhar Shalwani, a news source reported. The drive was aimed at acquiring back the land in the Hill Park area, which is encroached with illegally constructed bungalows.

It should be noted that the bungalows are located on a 2,000 square yard land at the slope of Hill Park and according to KMC officials, the land value in the area tends to be quite exorbitant – with one bungalow amounting to over PKR 300 million.

KMC orders evacuation of bungalows atop Hill Park’s land

The demolition was scheduled to take place on Thursday. Reportedly, the KMC representative mentioned that the department had resolved to demolish four bungalows in the initial stage, likewise all arrangements had been made and eviction notices were put up on the outside on boundary walls of four bungalows on February 21.

Despite the efforts, the Shalwani pursued postponement of a few days, owing to fears of more illegal structures in addition to the four shortlisted bungalows.

KMC conducts anti-encroachment drive in 3 districts

Similarly, the Commissioner maintains that the Supreme Court would be notified of his decision of postponing the demolition under the anti-encroachment drive.