KDA to document property transfer records at the new Statement Lounge.

Karachi: The Karachi Development Authority (KDA) on Tuesday launched its ‘Statement Lounge’ facility to document property transfer records of both buyers and sellers, a news source reported. As per the publication, the development authority has introduced this new initiative as part of its one-window facility to check anomalies in the locals’ land transfer process undertakings.


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The Statement Lounge is located on the ground floor of the Civic Centre in Karachi and is expected to function under the KDA Land Management System.

Previously, the officials concerned used to record statements regarding property transfers manually, which involved the risk of irregularities. Now, with the launch of the Statement Lounge, applicants are required to first submit a file in the KDA Land Department for verification, before they are called in to record their statements before a KDA official. Their statements will be video-recorded, while their thumb impressions, signatures, and photographs will also be collected. Reportedly, an assistant director of the KDA is expected to oversee this entire process.

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After the statements have been recorded, the complete application file will be forwarded to the KDA Land Department for further approvals, before it is added to the official records in the authority’s IT department. The file will then be dispatched to the department of recovery, which will issue a challan/pay order against the particular property. The file will then be returned to the Land Department, which will preserve the file along with a copy of the challan in its official records.

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It is estimated that, on a daily basis, about 30 applicants record their statements in the Statement Lounge.