FGEHA Generated 13.65bn By Plot Auctioning.

Islamabad: On November 25, through the grand auction of five commercial mixed-use plots in Mauve Area Sector G-14/4, Federal Government Employees Housing Authority (FGEHA) has generated 13.65 billion.


At Islamabad Sports Complex, the auction of commercial plots was held by FGEHA in sectors G-13 and G-14. Through zoom, the investors from various cities and overseas Pakistanis also took part in the auction.

Offers like quarterly installment payments and discounts on lump-sum payments was been offered for the convenience of the investors, it is been said by General Waseem Hayat Bajwa, FGEHA Director. The plot`s location holds great value because they are at the gateway of Islamabad.

On 26th November 2020, the auction of class III Shopping Centers was held at G-13 and G-14. Quite much interest was shown by investors in Class III Shopping Centre plots and their enthusiasm was on peak, during the auction.

On the second day, 14 plots of Class III Shopping Centers were auctions by FGEHA for about Rs 2 Billion. This shows that the investors have full faith in the Package for Developers/Construction Industry, given by Prime Minister.

FGEHA got huge success in the real estate industry with this auction as it succeeded in grabbing the attention of millions of Pakistanis from all around the globe. It’s a golden opportunity for investors to invest confidently. This step will indirectly and directly employ millions of skilled youth which will boost the national economy and decrease the poverty rate.