Published in The Express Tribune, October 18th, 2019.

Interior Minister Ijaz Ahmed Shah on Thursday inaugurated the underpass on Faisal Avenue Sector G-7 and G-8 constructed by Capital Development Authority (CDA).

Special Assistant to Prime Minister Ali Nawaz Awan, Chief Commissioner and Chairman CDA Amir Ali Ahmed, Member Engineering CDA, Project Director and other concerned officers were also present on the opening of the project constructed by the CDA.

Shah urged the residents of Islamabad to play their due role as responsible citizens, in the beautification of the city.

“The federal capital belongs to you and the whole Pakistan and you have every right to take steps for the beatification of the city,” he said, advising the people to make the city clean, green and garbage-free.

He appreciated MNA Ali Nawaz Awan for focusing on the development of the city, adding that the underpass connecting sectors G-7 and G-8 would facilitate residents of the two sectors. He expressed confidence that the federal capital would become more clean and green in the coming days.

According to a press release issued by CDA, Faisal Avenue underpass was approved in 2015 but it has not been shown seriousness in implementing this important public welfare project, including development projects. Keeping In view of the importance of public utility projects and to make practical workable possible, the incumbent management of authority has prioritized and reviewed the project and approved the PC-I and further decided to all stalled projects which were stopped from the last so many years.

After completing all the codal formalities, the CDA-DWP, in its 43rd meeting in May, reviewed and approved the project and decided to extend the project’s construction period; however, it was emphasized to ensure that the cost of the project would not be increased as well as the change in location.

In the light of this decision, the incumbent management invited bids through the newspapers and after fulfillment of all codal formalities in the shortest possible time; accordingly, the contract was awarded to the lowest bidder firm. While the approved construction cost of the underpass was Rs351 million.

The project has been formally started today after receiving the NOC from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Since the project has started for regular development work on today.

The underpass, constructed on Faisal Avenue, with the cost of Rs268.905 million, Rs72.280 million on roadwork and Rs17.906 on the drainage system. The construction period for this underpass is one year.

The commencement of Work on the projects for the facilitation of the residents of the nearby vicinity and to cater for the traffic congestion facing by the general Public required immediate construction of this underpass.

Prior to the commencement of the Faisal Avenue underpass construction project, a lot of work has been done around the project so that the construction of this project could be speed up and for the easement of the residents of Sector G-7 and G-8 reduced the traffic hazardous and better environment in Islamabad.

In this regard, 990 plants were planted in F9 Park. Similarly, 100 plants were also planted near this underpass. 

Published in The Express Tribune, October 18th, 2019.