FBR notifies hotels, food points to pay due taxes.


Sialkot: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has notified the owners of hotels, restaurants, bakeries, and other food points to pay their due taxes, a news source reported. As per the publication, the taxation authority made this decision in order to further expand its tax net.

FBR told to be ‘aggressive’ in pursuing tax net expansion efforts

In addition to sending the notices, the FBR has also completed a survey of the said food points and locations. An FBR official revealed that owners of these hotels, restaurants, bakeries, and food points earned billions of rupees on a monthly basis. However, he added, that the owners were not paying their due taxes against these earnings.

The official stated that if the FBR successfully added these food joints from six districts of the Gujranwala Division into the tax net, it could expect a reasonable increase in revenues in the future.

In this regard, the FBR Headquarters has issued directives to all the regional chief commissioners to ensure the addition of the hotels and food points into the tax net.

FBR committed to bringing undocumented SMEs into tax net – Zaidi

In order to collect the taxes, the FBR is expected to send three notices to the owners of these businesses. In case of failure to comply, the taxation authority will itself prepare the estimates of their incomes as per relevant surveys in order to collect the due taxes.