CPEC Projects led to further electricity generation in Pakistan.

ISLAMABAD: CPEC projects not only brought electricity to Pakistan, but also trained professionals, and contributed to the well-being of local people for Pakistan.


This was stated by Muhammad Muneeb, a senior official of Sahiwal Coal-fired Power Station, who awarded the Outstanding Pakistani Employee of CPEC Project by the Chinese Embassy, according to a report published by Gwadar Pro on Saturday.

The Sahiwal project, initiated in 2015, plays a crucial role in the domestic electricity supply. Muneeb introduced to Gwadar Pro that Sahiwal lies in the industrial hub region between Lahore, Multan, and Faisalabad. Its location was chosen as an electric load center.

“As the CPEC power projects entered the system, the country’s load shedding reduced from an average of 18 hours to almost negligible.

The Sahiwal project is directly influencing the lives of local communities through continuous supplying power. ” he said.

In addition to electricity, CPEC projects also bring more invisible value to Pakistan. Muneeb said, “More importantly, this project gave job opportunities to locals. Most of the engineers, managers, and workers are from nearby areas. This project is changing people’s living standards.”

“This type of project was totally new and with advanced super-critical technology. It was a golden chance for me to work in a multinational company which could be predicted to be a great deal of learning,” he recalls, “I went to China for technical training for 9 months. During this trip, we accepted on-site training, which is the best way to learn about power plant physics and gain professional knowledge.

Our Chinese masters first gave us theoretical knowledge and then we were taken to the site on a daily basis and we were prepared for work well before completion of the project.”