Capital Development Authority removes encroachments on state land.

Islamabad: Capital Development Authority (CDA) has foiled an attempt to encroach state land adjoining Centaurs Mall during an action taken here on Wednesday, the Enforcement Directorate demolished structures being constructed on it.

The operation was conducted by Enforcement Directorate along with the participation of other concerned formations.

The action was taken on the report of vigilance staff wherein it was reported that the contractor of the parking plot allotted by Municipal Administration Directorate (MCI) was carrying out construction beyond the parking plotline on the CDA land.

Taking prompt action on the report, Enforcement Directorate demolished two under-construction rooms and shed constructed on the state land.

Furthermore, it was also reported that contractor has also established their office on state land so notices were served to the contractor of a parking area to remove container-based offices within 24 hours and warned him of strict action to be taken in case of not fulfilling the order.

The contractor has been further warned to avoid any future attempts in this regard.

In the meanwhile, another team of Enforcement Directorate on the indication of staff of Building Control Directorate demolished a huge illegally constructed structure comprising upon five rooms and one washroom in the Mulpur area. Similarly, a team of Enforcement Directorate also removed several construction material selling points in Markaz G-8 and confiscated encroachment material.