South Punjab Secretariat made fully operational.

BAHAWALPUR: Addition Chief Secretary of South Punjab, Zahid Akhtar Zaman, said that South Punjab Secretariat made fully operational under the vision of Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar, the South Punjab Secretariat is fully into working for resolving the issues of citizens of this locality, at their doorsteps.

He added that the staff of 16 departments, secretaries, and various other offices are posted to the Civil Secretariat of South Punjab.

While all the funds allocated for South Punjab will be used for development purposes in this area, also a separate amount of the budget of South Punjab will soon be revealed for the coming fiscal year.

On the other hand, a Police Officer from District Bahawalpur has been terminated from the post of sub-inspector as after the inquiry report he was found indulging in various misconducts and corruption affairs.

“The inquiry team found evidence of corruption and misconduct and recommended departmental action against Mr. Shah,” said the spokesman.

Hence, the major focus is upon the development and betterment of Bahawalpur at this moment which is our major tourism spot due to the presence of wonderful historical places in this city.

He said that secretaries and other officers and staff of 16 departments had been posted at the South Punjab Civil Secretariat. He said that all the funds of South Punjab would be utilized for the development of this area and a separate budget of South Punjab would be announced for the coming fiscal year.