LDA assures the working of wastewater treatment plants.

Lahore: Lahore Development Authority`s governing body has assured the working over the execution of six wastewater treatment plants, by directing Water and Sanitation Agency (Wasa) to start with the implementation.


Since these projects fall under the authority area, the Ravi Urban Development Authority (RUDA) wants their execution.

As discussed in the meeting of the LDA body, the locations for the establishment of plants are Shahdara, Mehmood Booti, Kattarband, Ferozepur Road near Hudiara drain, and Mohlanwal.

“The wastewater of the Lahore city is being discharged into the River Ravi without any treatment owing to the reason that currently, no such facility exists in Lahore’’, highlighted in the meeting.

“In the light of previous studies, multiple efforts were made in the last three decades by Wasa for the establishment of such plants. However, the projects couldn’t be materialized due to unavoidable reasons. In May 2019, Wasa engaged consultancy services of Nespak for the preparation of design and PC-1 for Mehood Boot, Shahdara, and Babu Sabu plants”.

Financial assistance has been shown by international donors and the development banks for initiating the wastewater plants at Babu Sabu, Kattarband, and Mehmood Booti Shahdara. RUDA was recently established for carrying out the housing project.

While the wastewater treatment of the River Ravi is linked to that project and Wasa plants come under the area of the Ravi project.

“Since the wastewater treatment is a vital component of Ravi urban development project, and execution of the whole project from a single entity may remove several bottlenecks that have hindered the establishment of plants in the past, therefore, in the light of the above and streamline the execution of the plants at a single source, this matter may kindly be transferred to the RUDA”, Wasa`s authority said.