Govt to privatize 18 units of international firms to participate in bidding process.

Karachi: Federal Minister for Privatisation Mian Muhammad Soomro has announced the government’s decision to privatize 18 state-owned enterprises, a news source reported. To this effect, he has stated that international companies from around the globe will participate in the bidding process.

PM directs for timely privatization of govt institutions

The minister revealed this information during a press conference in Islamabad. Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (PM) for information & Broadcasting Firdous Ashiq Awan was also present at the occasion.

He stated that the 18 units set for privatization included Kasur Haveli and Bahadur Shah power plant.

On her part, the special assistant said that the government was commencing with the privatization process for the public’s welfare. She said that the process would begin under the leadership of the privatization minister. She added that the government would turn under-performing industries into profitable organizations as part of its commitment to developing the national economy.

Govt looking to privatize 49 public companies in five years

Pointing out that the process of privatization begun after 2018, Awan said that the government would invest the resultant revenue for the welfare of the masses. She added that Soomro was taking forward the agenda of the PM.