Construction of Mastak-Bara Road in Khyber district announced.

Khyber: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Chief Minister (CM) Mahmood Khan on Wednesday announced the provincial government’s decision to construct the Mastak-Bara Road at a cost of PKR 7 billion in Khyber district, a news source reported.

ADB pledges more funds for KP road project

He expressed his views on the matter during a public gathering. He stated that the road would enhance economic activity in the province by connecting neighboring areas with the Khyber district.

PDWP approves small dams, road projects for KP

CM Mahmood Khan announced the government’s multi-faceted strategy to uplift the socio-economic conditions in KP’s tribal districts and said that the government would spend a budget up to PKR 83 billion in the region during the current fiscal year.

PDWP approves roads, water projects for KP

He informed the gathering that the Khasadar force in Khyber district was being restored and 29,000 Khasadar and Levies personnel had been transferred to the police.

Issuance of funds demanded Shabzoi Road in KP

Mahmood Khan further stated that all demolished schools would be repaired and renovated and the youth of the area would be allowed to pursue their business interests with the government’s Insaf Rozgar Scheme. He further informed that the locals would be given priority in getting minerals lease and occupying public offices.