Advertise Basic Property Listings

Advertise Basic Listings of Real estate is real that is, tangible property made up of land

as well as anything on it, including buildings and natural resources.

Advertise Basic Property Listings

These are Absolutely Free of Cost for advertise Basic Listings

Property advertised until sold/leased.

Property listing is allocated an individual web address in the form

for example

Add complete property description up to maximum characters.

Add any unique features your property has i.e. beach side, pool, cable TV, etc.

Advertise Basic Listings is to match your property with Property Seekers’ profiles.

Make your property listing visible to thousands of Property Seekers and

Real Estate Agents immediately after you’ve created it.

Protect your privacy – you can choose what contact information to display in your listing.

Posting your real estate listing descriptions on websites like  requires an eye-catching, different-looking headline.

Since you only have one shot to get a buyer to notice your ad in a split second, come up with a way to stand out from the crowd. Can you make a reader do a double take? Can you make your headline stick out like a sore thumb?

You must write headlines that look different to catch attention. Your headline must stand out in a crowd. It must be noticed.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when writing headlines:

  • Short and sweet Try not to make your headline more than five to seven words.
  • Motivative Use powerful, descriptive words to evoke a response. You can score your potential headlines with this analyzer to determine if they are using words that would grab the attention of the right readers.
  • Try several drafts Don’t always settle on the first headline you write. Try to create seven different headlines  you’ll probably find they improve as you begin to perform.