Listing Packages and Prices

Package Price Description
Basic Listing Free Following features are available for this Listing Packages.

The 10 Listings are Absolutely Free of Cost.

Property advertised until sold / leased

Property listing is allocated an individual web address in the form for example

Add complete property description up to maximum characters

Add any unique features your property has i.e. beach side, pool, cable TV etc

Match your property with Property Seekers’ profiles

Make your property listing visible to thousands of Property Seekers and Real Estate Agents immediately after you’ve created it

Protect your privacy – you can choose what contact information to display in your listing.

Premium Listing PKR1000 All the features of Basic Listing and:

The quota of premium listing per month is 100.

The logo will also publish with in the listing

Platinum Listing PKR3000 All the features of Premium Listing and:

The quotas of premium listing per month are 250.

The logo will also publish with in the listing.

Marked Agent PKR10000 All the features of above-mentioned Listing:

The logo will also publish with in the listing

The five hot listing will be offer per month

The Marked Agents page also included.

Marked Agent Logo information.

The Logo on Marked Agents Home Page.

The Logo on Home Page.

The minimum contract duration for 3 months