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Featured agencies Banner will appear on horizontal panel. All pages of featured agencies on earthpk. High Impact Interactive Advertising. Cost-effective advertising solutions. Match your property with Property Buyers ‘profiles. Make your Real Estate Company visible to all over the world. Banner size 140 x 160 pixels. Minimum Contract Period is one month. Price of this package is PKR 25000 per month.

A featured agency are who represents sellers or buyers of real estate or real property. A broker may work. An agent works under a licensed broker to represent clients. Brokers and agents is licensed by the state to negotiate sales agreements. Manage the documentation required for closing real estate transactions.

A featured agency of Pakistan Property Portal consists of four categories:-

  • Seller’s Agents called “listing brokers” or “listing agents,”
    Contracted By owners to assist with marketing property for sale and lease.
  • Buyer’s Agents are brokers or salespersons.
    Will assist buyers by helping them purchase property.
  • Dual Agents help both the buyer and the seller in the same transaction. To protect their license to practice. A real estate broker owes both parties fair and honest dealing.and must request that both parties (seller and buyer) sign a dual agency agreement. Special laws/rules apply to dual agents, in negotiating price.Dual Agency can practiced in situations where the same brokerage represent both the buyer and the seller.
    If one agent from the brokerage has a home listed and
    another agent from that brokerage.
    Has a buyer brokerage agreement with a buyer
    who wishes to buy the listed property. Dual agency occurs by allowing each agent designated as a company agent.
    Only the broker himself is the Dual Agent.
  • Party provides the buyer and seller with a limited form of represent.
    But without any Problem obligations.
    Having no more than a facility relationship,
    Transaction brokers assist buyers, sellers.
    Both during the transaction without representing the interests of either. Party who may then regarded as customers.
    The assistance provided are the legal documents for an agreement.
    Between the buyer and seller on
    How a particular transfer of property will happen.