WASA seeks recovery of PKR 15 million from 2336 defaulters.

Gujranwala: The Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) has sent notices to 2336 defaulters who have defaulted on their payments worth PKR 15 million, a news source reported. As per details, the authority is facing a financial crunch – with WASA Gujranwala reporting on recovery losses amounting to tens of millions of rupees.



For this purpose, Gujranwala Development Authority (GDA) Barrister Ali Ashraf Mughal has directed WASA Managing Director (WASA), Fida Hussain, to take action on the matter. The WASA MD has further issued instructions to the Director Admin, Revenue & Finance Suhail Akhtar for the recovery of WASA’s water supply and sewerage bill charges.

To this effect, Akhtar recently formed a team for the recovery from commercial defaulters around the city. The defaulters have been instructed to clear their dues or face action such as the disconnection of their water and sewerage lines.