Ravi Riverfront Development project 99,000 acres to be acquired.


Lahore: The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) is looking to acquire 99,000 acres of land for the Ravi Riverfront Urban Development (RRUD) project — with the authority issuing a notification under Section 4 of the Land Acquisition Act 1894 that prohibits the sale of specific tracts of land near the Ravi River, a news source reported.

Separate body to manage Ravi Riverfront Urban Development project

According to the details available, the authority has started work on developing a new city along the Ravi River, as per the instruction of Prime Minister Imran Khan. It was for this purpose that the LDA decided to issue the notification under Section 4; with the notification being published in the newspapers as well.

PM seeks water conservation plan, timely completion of Ravi Riverfront project

Reportedly, Section 4 has been imposed in the following tehsils and areas:

  • 91,069 kanals of land in Lahore’s tehsil Shalimar
  • 920 kanals in mauza Baghbanpura
  • 3,928 kanals in mauza Kot Khawaja Saeed
  • 2,512 kanals mauza Mehmood Booti
  • 11,094 kanals in mauza Ganja Sindhu
  • 6,132 kanals in mauza Handu Gujran
  • 17,669 kanals in mauza Lakhu Der
  • 7,964 kanals in mauza Mari
  • 3,861 kanals in mauza Malar war
  • 6,954 kanals in mauza Nitki
  • 858 kanals in mauza Sagian
  • 2,215 kanal in mauza Tegarh