LWMC takes over waste management operations in Lahore.

Lahore: The Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) has taken over the charge of cleanliness and waste management in the city, according to news sources. This responsibility was handed over after the seven-year contract with Turkish firms expired today (January 31).


LWMC presents cleanliness plan for Lahore

The Turkish waste management companies ‘Albayrak’ and ‘OzPak’ are completing their contract terms today and LWMC has taken over their operation. The company has already launched routine sanitation operations such as mechanical sweeping. The road washing operation, however, has been stalled, for now, owing to the lack of funds.

CM Buzdar orders revamp of LWMC model

Director General (Operations) LWMC Sohail Anwar has revealed that tenders have already been floated to hire new companies that will soon take over the operations. Until now, four private firms including Albayrak, OzPak, Waste Buster, and Popular Goods have contacted LWMC for the contract, but a final decision is yet to be made.

The new contract (worth PKR 2 billion) to manage 936,277 tonnes of waste in Lahore is expected to be awarded in a few days.