LHC dismisses injunctive orders a collection of the LDA commercialization fee.

Lahore: The Lahore High Court (LHC) has dismissed the injunctive order against the collection of commercialization fee by the Lahore Development Authority (LDA), a news source reported. To this effect, the court has directed the scheme’s affectees to contact Secretary Housing.


LDA Commercialisation Policy: commercial use of the residential property over

Justice Rasaal Hassan Syed issued directives on a petition filed by the WAPDA Cooperative Housing Society. The petitioner’s counsel contended that the LDA had sent notices for the collection of fees to the society, but it had no jurisdiction to collect such fees from cooperative housing societies.

On the basis of this argument, they applied to the court to dismiss LDA’s notices for the collection of commercialization fees.

LDA to ban property transfers for owners defaulting on commercialization fees

In response, the LDA’s lawyer argued that all housing societies fall within LDA’s purview and it has the authority to collect the commercialization fee. LDA had issued notices under Section 27 of LDA Land Rules 2014. According to the rules, the affectees have to contact Secretary Housing in case they seek any remedial action.