Overhead Bridges Construction on CPEC Route.

BATTAGRAM: Overhead Bridges Construction on CPEC Route. An all-parties conference was convened here to discuss accidents taking place on the route of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and ways to prevent such mishaps and the Construction of Overhead Bridges on CPEC.


A 16-member action committee was formed at the event. The committee later told the media that representatives from political parties and social organizations participated in the conference.

An action committee consisted of 16-member was formulated on this occasion. It was been later on told by the committee that representatives from various political parties and the social organization took part in this conference.

The participants of the conference suggested that the toll tax paying obligation should be lifted from local people on Koza Banda Toll Plaza, and also added the suggestion of construction of overhead bridges and underpasses at different sections from Kakti Tunnel to Thakot.

The committee announced to conduct separate meetings with elected members of assemblies, NHA officials, district Administrators, and CPEC officials to bring these concerns into their knowledge.

It is been said that the committee members will meet the deputy commissioner of Battagram and will give him the briefings upon CPEC route problems.

They gave the warning of stage protests if the authorities refuse to pay attention to their problems. The participants should disappointment with the non-participation of the elected members of provincial as well as federal assemblies in this important meeting.