LDA Plans to Make Qainchee Flyover and Walton Road Signal Free.

Lahore: LDA Plans to Make Qainchee Flyover and Walton Road Signal-Free. After Canal Road and Jail Road, now it’s time for Ferozepur Road to become a signal free corridor. LDA has made the design of a protected U-turn over Qainchee Flyover and Walton Road stop. The NOC has also been initiated by PHA.


LDA is done with making the entire plan for converting the Qainchee flyover and Walton Road into the signal-free zone. According to the planning, a new road and new U-turn will be built for its implementation.

LDA has already started utilizing the services by different firms for contributing to the fulfillment of the aim of making the city signal-free, slowly and gradually.

It has been estimated that about 5 crores of 73 lakh will be required in making Walton Road and Qainchee flyover a signal-free corridor. The contract for this project will be given to the three asphalt carpeting firms.

The work over the protected U-turn will be completed within a period of two months.