CDA has resumed construction work at G-7/G-8 under pass

Islamabad: Capital Development Authority (CDA) has resumed work on under-construction  G-7/G-8 underpass at Faisal Avenue.

Work on the project for the construction of underpass was in progress but was stalled due to situation arising out of  Covid-19. However, after an ease in lockdown related restrictions, CDA decided to resume work immediately to avoid any delay. Accordingly,  construction work is back on Faisal Avenue for the underpass. CDA anyhow has directed that Covid-19 prevention-related SOP may be observed in letter and spirit during construction work.

CDA started work on the construction of the overhead pedestrian bridge at Constitution Avenue a few days back as well during a smart lockdown.

In this regard, the Authority has issued

Instructions for coordination with Islamabad Traffic Police for implementation of traffic diversion plan devised for ensuring smooth traffic flow on both sides of the Faisal Avenue. Similarly the Authority has issued instructions to properly cordon off the construction area to avoid any unwanted incident.

Construction of underpass at Faisal Avenue is a long-awaited public welfare project, which was direly needed to cater for the traffic issues faced by the commuters. On completion, the project will not only improve the flow of traffic on Faisal Avenue but will also provide swift access to the residents of Sector G-7 and G-8. CDA has requested to the general public for better cooperation with the Authority and uses alternate routes to reach their destinations during the construction on the Sector G-7 / G-8 Faisal Avenue underpass.

Construction of Islamabad’s Faisal Avenue Underpass inaugurated