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Ali Trade Center Lahore 
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Ali Trade Center Lahore, Lahore

Ali Trade Center
99 & 100-A, B-1, M.M Alam Road, Gulberg III, Lahore, Pakistan
About the Development
Shop…Work...Relax…Socialize & Enjoy !
The future arrives in style

Ali Group Now Launching City’s Tallest Point Planned Building Height: 295 Ft

Enter Ali Trade Center. You are welcome.

• Shopping Mall 05 Floors

• Corporate Block 14 Floors

• Four-Star Hotel 04 Floors

• Entertainment Zone 01 Floor

• Car Parking 05 Floors

Closer to the cloud than anywhere else in Lahore City, Ali Trade Center (ATC) is planned to be an upscale 29-storey mixed-use commercial high-rise centrally located at the prestigious M. M. Alam Road, Gulberg, Lahore: One of the most impressive, vibrant and up-market commercial zones in the country. A conservative estimate suggests over a hundred thousand customers visit M. M. Alam road every day.

Ali Trade Center will be Pakistan’s first tower to feature a Luxurious Shopping Mall, Entertainment Zone, 4-Star Hotel, Exclusive Corporate Block, 3D Cinemas, Rooftop Revolving Restaurant and Recreational Clubs: Making ATC a superb combination of work & pleasure.

Get ready to enjoy world-class facilities and state-of-the-art comforts.

Grand & Exclusive Entrances:

Walk in to any of ATC grand entrances and experience the luxurious space artfully decorated to appease your taste and unwind you; a soothing prelude to your business at hand.
• Separate lobbies for both offices & hotel block
• Separate car entry / exit point at front of both lobbies

Bright Environment:

Design of the building ensures maximum sunlight for a healthy & energy-efficient environment.

Easy & Multiple Entry / Exit Points:

The ATC corner plot feature supports easy, exclusive and multiple access points for different business blocks.

Ample Car Park with Smooth Ramps:

With 05 parking floors, ample and convenient car parking facilities are offered at ATC ensuring reliable and easy solutions to parking worries.. Separate drop zone for the 4-star hotel and 40 plus vehicles parking facility right at the front of the building remains in the parking plans.

Building Management:

Professional, authentic and renowned ISO-certified companies are engaged to handle and supervise the hard & soft services to the finished building.

Open Air Terrace Food Area & Gardens:

Go to the open terrace food area at 70 feet height from ground level to enjoy socializing and dining in open air.

Shopping Mall:

Featuring wide, open and high-ceiling corridors, the ATC’s five-floor shopping mall remains unmatched in terms of its space, convenience and environment ensuring maximum visibility to shops and an enjoyable experience for the shoppers.

Entertainment Zone:

Relax, play or socialize…the choices never end at ATC Entertainment & Recreational Zone that is going to cater everyone’s recreational needs.

Corporate Block:

Experience the height of elegance at ATC Corporate Block. Built for tomorrow, ATC offices support all high-tech business requirements.

Access and entrances to the corporate world are completely separate from the shopping mall and hotel floors with its own separate express lifts. Similarly, all management and operations related to corporate floors would be handled exclusively.

Four-Star Hotel:

Be our guest and enjoy the luxury and comfort of a four-star international hotel, conveniently located in the center of Gulberg, the commercial district of Lahore,

Rooftop Revolving Restaurant:

Dine at Lahore’s first and the only revolving Roof-top Revolving Restaurant; another irresistible offer ATC presents.

ATC – a bridge to the future of work & pleasure.
Development Facilities
Key Features

1. 29-storey building: The tallest in Lahore

2. One of the country’s most premium commercial locations: M. M. Alam Road, Gulberg

3. Pakistan’s first commercial high-rise combining a shopping mall, entertainment zone, recreational clubs, corporate offices, a four-star hotel and roof-top revolving restaurant

4. An impressive neighborhood filled with top-notch brands and business entities; very vibrant surroundings

5. Selection of a premium corner plot ensures easy and multiple access points for different business blocks. The feature also provides convenient alternate routes for peak hours.

6. Exclusive entrances for each business block

7. Grand & exclusive lobbies for corporate floors & the hotel

8. Separate car entry / exit point at front of both office & hotel lobbies

9. Exclusive and scientifically-calculated vertical transportation zoning to keep different areas’ traffic inflow & outflow separate

10. High-speed escalators and elevators along with cargo lifts and wide staircases remain separately available to mall, entertainment zone, corporate block & the hotel – lifts available at every 15 yards on each floor

11. Maximum visibility for the shopping mall from M. M. Alam Road

12. Mall & offices’ sizes remain flexible to cater specific needs

13. Ample parking space with ramps meeting international standards and easier entry and exit points

14. A fully functional four-star hotel with 75 plus luxurious rooms providing a number of in-building potential customers and also pulls a large number of visitors increasing the quality footfall

15. Lahore’s first and only revolving Roof-top restaurant

16. Two hi-tech 3D cinema halls with100 seats each

17. A full-fledged entertainment and recreational zone with both roof and roofless areas

18. An ultimate gaming zone with interactive video-gaming-on-big-screens

19. The builder with an impeccable record of delivering a high-rise in time (On its portfolio, Ali Group holds Ali Tower; the tallest operative high-rise in Lahore)

20. Ali Group with the history of complying 100% with requisite standards, has acquired all necessary approvals from LDA and related building authorities

21. A unique architectural design and first Octagon-style high-rise structure in Lahore; ATC enjoys the potential to rise as the future landmark of the city. Design of the building itself separates mall, offices & hotel floors

22. Completely seismic-resistant building

23. Green Building: Design of the building ensures maximum sunlight for a healthy & energy-efficient environment

24. Automatic back-up power generation system

25. Meeting international safety standards, the planned measures at each floor include a fire proof lobby, a safety area, emergency exits, emergency staircase, fire fighting system, sprinklers, public address system, smoke detectors and 24-hour electronic security and monitoring through CCTV

26. Professional, authentic and renowned ISO-certified companies are engaged to provide the hard & soft services to the finished building

Marketing Office
178-D, Model Town, Lahore
Muhammad Adnan Ansari
UAN 111-111-254
Phone +92-42-35785731-6
Fax +92-42-35785732

Site Office
99 & 100-A, B-1, M.M Alam Road, Gulberg III, Lahore, Pakistan
Muhammad Adnan Ansari
UAN +92-42-111-111-254
Phone +92-42-35876731
Fax +92-42-35876732


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